I'm Philippe.

My name is Filipino, I am 50 years old, I am the youngest of the family with my two sisters, Veronique and Elisabeth. With my older sister Véronique, 5 years older than me, we took over 20 years ago the family business that our parents Georgette and David (known as dédé) created in 1972. And yes, the name of the brand came from there! At that time, I was two years old, no internet, no computers, no smart phones, everything was done by dial phone, in eph foot, cigarette on the lips in the workshops. The collections were not computer-assisted, a pattern was cardboard, a drawing was with paper and pencil, and research and inspiration were not done in front of a screen.

My parents gave us a taste for beautiful things: objects, painting, architecture through exhibitions and auction rooms (I love walking around the Drouot Hotel). In painting I like nudes and painters who know how to subtly describe women in their intimacy. A Razoumov for his genius of detail, an Enjolras for the unique light he manages to create are my favorites. I hadn't imagined myself in the world of fashion, I preferred decoration, objects, furniture, jewellery. I started by creating decorative objects in Murano glass, very colourful, very baroque with a famous glassmaker from the Venice lagoon. Then I had the chance, at just 20 years old, to create jewelry collections for Christian Lacroix in his heyday for his Haute Couture fashion shows for several seasons. I was getting closer without realizing it to fashion, clothing and soft materials.

After studying at a business school (a must for my parents), I wanted to please Georgette by joining her workshops while I was waiting to start my own business. 25 years later, I'm still here, and I have to admit that she had the right arguments with me. She was able to transmit to me her passion for fashion, beautiful fabrics, clothes have been added to my passion for objects and painting. Today, it is my turn to devote time to students in fashion school by participating in their final jury and sometimes by intervening within their curriculum. I also don't hesitate to regularly hire students on work-study and permanent contracts, I like to give back what I have been given.

Georgette, the brand's top stylist, has always wanted all women to be able to dress at Georgedé. It's all very well to make a size 38, but there's no question of it going as far as a size 56. That's why the fabrics are often stretchy with jerseys, laces and knits. If you use chiffon, you cut it on the bias for ease and put it on easily. "You have to feel good right away," she still says to me today.