My Philosophy

I'm a man and as for you ladies, I'm under the influence of the networks, the TV, the images of handsome guys, tall, muscular and to whom everything goes. I'm 1.68m tall, I dress in striped or checked trousers when I feel like it, I wear coloured jeans with side stripes, original jackets, scarves when I feel like it, I'm always in sneakers and I have a blackberry (latest generation anyway!).

Do you know why? Because what matters most to me is me. I always say to myself, why do we all want to look alike? Why does everyone buy the same pair of sneakers, the same dress, the same phone? I'm not questioning their quality but more what they represent. A caste, a group (no matter how big it is).

When you look like everyone else you are not pointed out, you are not noticed except for belonging to the group. The other day on my way home, a man stopped me in the subway and said, "Sir, I must tell you that it's nice to see someone with such an elegant look and wearing it so well". Don't think that I'm used to being stopped on the street, but a few sentences here and there comfort me in my choices and my tastes. What's the point?! Quite simply to what we refer to others. A compliment is the expression of a pleasure felt by the other person and in turn, it sends it back to you. What could be more pleasant?

My daughter, who's only 16, understands that. She likes to dress in long printed skirts and has fun with her look every day. She maintains the difference and without influencing her, I am very happy about it. Her teachers and friends often compliment her on these looks. Isn't it because she feels good and in harmony with herself?

Haven't you ever felt happier just by putting on a dress or pants that looked good on you? Happy to go to a party, confident and smiling just because you were dressed in that little dress that makes you look so pretty? and that famous meeting where you had to speak, didn't you feel more confident with that perfectly fitting pantsuit? I'm sure that when you feel like that, compliments follow.