My vision

I have the chance to create and make a brand for women, some will like what we do and others less but I hope we will share the same philosophy: to please ourselves.

A clothing brand is not there to sort out its clientele on the basis of weight, age or looks. It is above all a question of state of mind, value or will. Shops or brands that choose to stop at 44 are looking above all, beyond their image, to simplify their lives. And yes, making a size 48 or 54 is not given to everyone and is not so simple to do. With my sister Véronique, we perpetuate this tradition of dressing all women: the slender and the greedy ones.

At Georgedé, you won't find a menu stamped "large sizes" (I hate this name) since all the models in the range are available from 38 to 56. At other brands you will be told the large sizes, that's how you will find dedicated models only in plus sizes. An elegant way to tell you that the models you see in size 38 on these magnificent mannequins which measure on average 1.75m are not for you. They say, we've prepared other very large models that will fit you. In real life women don't stop at 44, we have understood this for a long time.

In order to implement this vision, you need perfect autonomy and I claim it. We create our designs and our collections in our workshops, we print our materials and manufacture our clothes in our factory which is also called Georgedé. No subcontractor, no group, no shareholder can tell me tomorrow to change strategy. A woman who hasn't found her happiness on our site or who has a problem with a dress or a jacket, I invite her to come to our workshops to touch up on it for free. And if she hasn't found her ideal dress, well, I promise to make it to measure without it costing her 5 times the price.

Our clients come from all over Europe and I am proud of that. If we manage to please an English, a German, a Belgian, a Dutch, a French woman, it is because we have managed to touch the hearts of women.

To touch a woman's heart is to bring her at a given moment of pleasure, a little nothing, a drop of water in her daily life, the instant of a little happiness stolen. But aren't these moments memorable for everyone?